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Taller & Taller

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

In recent years, extremely tall and thin skyscrapers have sprouted up like blades of grass just south of Central Park in New York. When I’m in the city, I walk my dog in this park. So I have watched them getting built.

The tallest of these, and I believe it is one of those in this picture I took, is over 1,300 feet and is the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere. I’ve read somewhere that many apartment owners are rarely in residence. Billionaires around the world can park their fortunes in banks. Or they can park their fortunes in New York real estate. I think there is just one gigantic floor through apartment per floor. Of course, I haven’t been in any of them so I don’t know for sure. Yay, New York.

But this picture I took yesterday appears to show the two tallest skyscrapers battling to make themselves even higher by adding more floors up top. The second tallest, already occupied I think, began the new construction last month. And now the tallest has re-started construction up top too. It is not going to give up the tallest building title without a fight.

Did the City give them permission to do this? If not, this is big trouble. My advice is not to stand on the street too close to either of them. If I am right, you don’t want to be around when construction atop these two tallest buildings gets out of hand and one of them falls over.

--Dan Rattiner


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