• Dan Rattiner

Safety Recall

Around two pm Friday afternoon, I went out to my mailbox on the street to get the mail. An important letter from Lexus about the car I leased from them two and a half years ago was inside. It read “Important Safety Recall Interim Notice.” The “Safety” part meant that my Lexus GX460 could crash because it has a particular fuel pump that might cut out causing the car to turn off suddenly if I were driving along. The “Interim” part meant they had not yet figured out a remedy. When they do, the letter said, my Southampton Lexus dealer will let me know and then replace the pump with an improved one FREE OF CHARGE. Until then, I’m on my own.

Here is another thing to worry about, as if the Coronavirus, Global Warming, crazy weather, Rising Tides, hacking into websites, misinformation 24/7, Trump, North Korea and pollution were not enough.

And furthermore, I SHOULD have been feeling anxious about this fuel pump for the last two and a half years but because Lexus didn’t write me about it, they spared me that worry. Hooray for that.

And the lease ends in six months.

A memory of my growing up came to mind. My first car, a long time ago, had no car safety. None were built into cars then. No seatbelts, no airbags, no nothing. Cars could kill. It could happen. You took that for granted. But I was so happy to have one. I told mom and dad I’d be extra careful.

I don’t pine for those days, but here’s this letter. It could break, we can’t fix it yet, but we’re alerting you just so you know.

In my opinion, there is just too much information, and often wrong information, spilling over us every minute of every day, spoiling everything we used to enjoy without thinking about it.

That, everything else and the coronavirus. What a time.


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