• Dan Rattiner

Murder Hornets, Ozone and Snow in May


Remember the Ozone Hole?   It was a huge hole in the atmosphere above the South Pole that got worse and worse until we stopped making freezers and air conditioners using freon.   Then it began closing up.   It’s expected to completely close by 2050.   Score one for us.   Well, a month ago, suddenly, a new Ozone Hole as big as three Greenlands opened up over the North Pole.   Then, three weeks later, on it’s own, it suddenly closed.   Possibly as a result, it sent a chunk of freezing Arctic Air spinning off into Minnesota and the Dakotas causing snow in May.   This has never happened before in America.   This morning’s news is murder hornets as big as your thumb.  They rip the heads off bees with their front claws and eat the heads whole.   Then they fly off.   They have in the past been in Japan.  Their sting hurts like hell.   Now several hives of them have been found in the state of Washington.    So here they come.

    If it’s not one damn thing it’s another.

    Fifty years ago, before wi-fi and Google, nobody would have noticed any of this.   We’d just go off and have a good time knowing something would go wrong sometime, but we shouldn’t worry about any of it. 


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