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Louse point


Louse Point is a small uninhabited peninsula in Springs where in the morning you can watch the sunrise in the east over Gardiner’s Bay and then twelve hours more or less later come back and watch sunset in the west over Accabonac Harbor.

In the spring, summer and fall there is sunbathing, clamming, kayaking, dog walking, swimming, bird watching, frisbee throwing and kite flying either on the slender harbor beach or around the point to the grander bay beach.

But this time of year, especially this year in these unusual circumstances, it’s nice just to go out there in a heavy coat and stand around watching the water, clear and still in the harbor, choppy in the bay and, depending on the tide, rushing in or out the inlet in between. It’s a nice place for contemplation.

Also, practically nobody goes there this time of year.

Why was Louse Point named that?

There’s a man in town who is such a louse. He had a shack out there. All the people who hate him named it Louse Point.

Every ten years, this point gets totally infested with lice. So we named it after them. Come to think of it, we’re about due for another dose of lice, this year or next.

If you stand at the tip of Louse Point and look out at the sunset this time of year, you will be looking across Accabonac Harbor over a small uninhabited island. It is known as Tick Island. Yes, there are ticks there. And yes, it was named that because of the ticks. If they bite you, you get tick fever. It can be serious.

I think I know the real reason this place is Louse Point looking out over Tick Island. The locals got together one day and said well this place is about as pretty a spot as there is on the East End. I hope the tourists don’t discover it. Let’s name it something really crappy.

--Dan Rattiner


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