• Dan Rattiner

Baseball and Zoom

Baseball is now considering starting a full schedule of games on July 4. They will be played in empty stadiums, and the players for the most part will be at social distance from one to the other, so this works.

It’s hard to imagine somebody hitting a ball over the roof of the stadium without everybody cheering, and I suppose the big shots with baseball think either it will be done in silence, or, for the millions watching on television, they will pump in canned cheers as television once, for decades, used to pump in canned laughter or applause or cheers to their shows.

Neither silence or the canned cheers doesn’t sound too appealing though. So maybe it will never happen.

But here’s some out of the box thinking. For the last few months, all the people in America have been using Zoom to attend parties, dinners, weddings and funerals. I’ve been to a few of those and if everybody talks, Zoom just sends it out as it finds it. It’s a cacophony of sound until people settle down.

Can you imagine what Zoom would do to a ballgame? Somebody would hit a home run and all those little boxes of people in their own homes would scream and cheer all at the same time – and this could be piped in and piped back out to all those millions doing that while watching the game.

Real people cheering remotely by the millions at a live game not only in everybody’s living room, but also piped out over the loud speakers at the empty stadiums to inspire the players.

And take it a step further and, using the Zoom special effects, put the images of all those people in their homes into the empty seats in the stadium. What a scene! Waving white handkerchiefs at the losers. Doing the wave as they see it at their homes on their tv’s, cheering their hearts out, booing the umpires for a bad call.

This will work not only for baseball of course, but also for football, basketball, hockey, Broadway, Opera, Concerts, political gatherings and everything else. And everybody is more than six feet away from everybody else, a lot more. How do I patent this idea?

--Dan Rattiner


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