• Dan Rattiner

Bald Eagles Back in the Hamptons

Bald eagles are back in the Hamptons. They went elsewhere when insecticide was sprayed back in the 1960s for ten years to get rid of mosquitoes before they figured out this was a bad idea. So this is now sixty years later.

They nest in trees. Nests are six feet wide. They are so gorgeous swooping around overhead. Look for black bodies, white heads and neck, yellow claws and pale yellow eyes beaming down at the land or water below. They emit high-pitched whistling sounds. Full grown their wingspans are seven and a half feet. Hang onto your poodles.

Also, according to the All About Birds guidebook, "the female may repeat a single, soft, high-pitched note that (others say) is "unlike any other calls in nature"; Apparently this signals her readiness for copulation."

--Dan Rattiner


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